Peter Krapež and Dušan De Costa were the first scouts from the Šalek Valley to set foot on the clearing in the middle of the woods near the settlement of Ribno. That is the place where scouts from the ŠSA still camp today. How to get there?

When over the bridge take a left turn and go along the road with countless holes to the fairytale that we call it Ribno ... And in this magical place everyone can learn what it means to be a scout. We present to you our camp space, which stands on the most beautiful piece of land next to a small village called Ribno. This village is only 5 km away from our famous tourist destination called Bled. Children's playfulness, unspoiled humor, sparkling sincerity, sparkle in the eyes are all wrapped up with a lot of positive energy and found in Ribno. For us that is scouting.

Camping in one place, of course, has its advantages and disadvantages. The only downside is that you always camp in the same place and you don't get to know any other places in Slovenia. However, the benefits outweigh the benefits. Over the years you get to know the camp space well. You also know how you can use the surroundings for your activities regardless of the weather. In addition, the camp is located on the slopes of mount Jelovica which provides unimaginable opportunities for outdoor activities and longer trips. We have Pokljuka and the entire Triglav National Park in the palm of our hand.

Most importantly, you happily return to a place where you have a great time every year and where you meet old friends and new ones. Over the years, we’ve learned how to make the most of our camp space. We have a fully equipped kitchen so that our professional staff prepares the food for us so that we can focus on our program. There is also a washroom with toilets and showers that meets the necessary hygienic standards. The camp space is adorned with a big teepee tent and the largest totem in Slovenia. In the center there is a flag pole. Around the camp space there are tents for children and staff. Right at the entrance you can find a big fire pit where we meet every evening before.

Za pravilno delovanje tega spletišča se včasih na vašo napravo naložijo majhne podatkovne datoteke, imenovane piškotki. Sistemski piškotki, ki so nujni za delovanje, so že dovoljeni. Vaša izbira pa je, da dovolite ali zavrnete piškotke analitike in trženja, ki nudijo boljšo uporabniško izkušnjo, enostavnejšo uporabo strani in prikaz ponudbe, ki je relevantna za vas.